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Phil gave a discourse on underground bases, alien/human covert activity, and a dark view on what the aliens want from us as a species. He talks about how the U.S. has developed technology that enables the government to tunnel deep underground to create a nationwide network of supersonic trams that connect many military bases.

on underground. When you see an earthquake that’s between 4.5 and 5.6 you can pretty much be sure, on our continent in any case, that underground DUMB (deep underground military base) bases, the underground bunkers have been destroyed. This is where they have

DUMBS stands for Deep Underground Military Bases. There are at least 1,400 DUMBS worldwide, 188 known DUMBS in the U.S., with 2 underground bases being built per year in the U.S. The average depth of bases are 4.25 miles underground. Each DUMB base-costs between 17 & 26 billion $ to build, which is funded by MI6/CIA drug money & human ...
  • Sep 06, 2020 · 37:55 Jen McCarty: Yeah… those Deep Underground Military Bases, OMG… it’s no jokes… apparently under Melbourne there’s like layers beyond layers and then they go into spaghettis… it’s a tunnel system unlike any in the world, apparently… 38:45 Charlie Ward: That’s correct.
  • CLASSIC: Deep Underground Military Bases . 2020-11-17. Download Right click and do "save link as" Is the world really littered with underground military bases? How ...
  • Mar 12, 2020 · A lot of them are involved in nefarious behaviors and secret societies, so the masses have not been privy to their wrong doings, ritualistic abuse, child sex trafficking, child hunting parties, ritualistic murders, drug trafficking, involvement in underground activities in the Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.S.) etc...

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    DUMBS -Deep Underground Military Bases Dienstag, Dez 16 2014 . WISSEN DUMBS haunebu7 12:05. Teilen Sie dies mit: ... Benjamin Fulford: Wochenbericht vom 09.11.2020 09 ...

    In the acronym-based language of militarese, these facilities are often described as "Deep Underground Military Bases" or DUMBs. That means that other shadowy acronym agencies are probably there as well, experimenting with a panoply of classified experiments under the cover of...

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    Dec. 1, 2020 — Geoscientists have long known that some parts of the continents formed in the Earth's deep past, but the speed in which land rose above global seas -- and the exact shapes that ...

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    Sep 20, 2018 · While it is currently under development, Vivos xPoint is an underground survival shelter community, nearly the size of Manhattan. This former Army Munitions Depot contains 575 hardened concrete military bunkers, which are now being transformed into the largest survival shelter community on Earth, with potential accommodations for 5,000 like ...

    Mar 30, 2015 · Deep, deep trouble Theres something about being underground thats just creepy. Its dark, its hard to get out, and theres that unpleasant feeling that youre cut off from the rest of the world.

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    Aug 10, 2020 · Some of these Deep Underground Military Bases are said to be completely self sufficient, with food supplies, lakes, ammunition and weapons, medications, etc. One person said that he was a former Illuminati who had actually stayed in a DUMBS in China that was much like a “7 Star” resort.

    Oct 05, 2020 · Red October begins with Worldwide Attack on Deep Underground Military Bases by Benjamin Fulford, October 5, 2020. The long-anticipated October offensive against the Satanic Cabal has gone into full swing, Pentagon sources report. This includes attacks on Deep Underground Military Bases in California, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, New Zealand ...

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    Oceandeep: D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) - Book 2. by David Sloma. D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) (Book 2) Thanks for Sharing! You submitted the following rating and review. We'll publish them on our site once we've reviewed them.

    Oct 31, 2014 · The Norad North Bay Underground Complex is the most extraordinary military installation ever built in Canada. During the Cold War, Canada was in an unenviable geographic position, lying directly between the Cold War’s principal adversaries, the Soviet Union and United States.

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    Oct 06, 2020 · Benjamin Benjamin Fulford October 5 2020 The long-anticipated October offensive against the Satanic Cabal has gone into full swing, Pentagon sources report. This includes attacks on Deep Underground Military Bases in California, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany, the sources say.

    Oct 10, 2017 · These bases were connected with a high speed train system. To clarify the situation, until recently there were three underground train systems: the one connecting deep underground military bases of the Negative Military, the one connecting the Chimera bases and the one connecting the Resistance bases.

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    Bestenliste 12/2020 👉 Detaillierter Ratgeber -Beliebteste Favoriten 👉 Aktuelle ... D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) - Book 4 (English Edition) ...

    Sep 06, 2020 · That included a base that was under the Getty Museum. The more recent Utah March 18 2020 earthquake was actually destruction of child trafficking tunnels (under the old Dugway Utah Germ Warfare base also referred to as another Area 51 UFO Base). There was a major battle under the Denver airport.

Nov 07, 2013 · The reality of Deep Underground Military Bases is extremely fascinating. There is an enormous amount of evidence that proves their existence. Secret military bases used to be considered a conspiracy theory, but not long ago, the Department of Defense officially declassified the existence of Area 51. (8)
Mar 07, 2014 · Directed by Mitch Marcus. With John Ventre, Dwight Equitz, Jason McClellan, Michael Schratt. Hangar 1 files suggest that beneath mountain ranges, deserts and perhaps even one public airport, there exist Deep Underground Military Bases that are rumored to be the nerve center for some of the U.S. military's darkest secrets.
Sep 11, 2019 · The government has been studying underground technologies for decades. Reports obtained through the Freedom of Information Act show that as far back as the ‘50s, the government planned to build large secret underground facilities for use by the military. Media reports show the Reagan administration spent up to $8 billion on such facilities.
Mar 27, 2020 · DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES IN AMERICA. Unknown to most Americans is a dark secret, and it’s right under our noses. It’s the reality of the existence of DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES. These Underground bases get prominent play in dark rumors circulating about captured extraterrestrials and alien technology.